Manual of Catholic Medical Ethics – Chapter IV

on-line edition as of 2023 edited by Willem J. cardinal Eijk, MD PhD STL, Lambert J.M. Hendriks, PhD STD and prof FransJ. van Ittersum, MD PhD MSc

Ⓒ Katholieke Stichting Medische Ethiek 2014 - 2024

IV. Medical Care for Life: Therapeutic Intervention

  1. Diagnostics, prevention, therapy and rehabilitation – J.A. Raymakers en F.J. van Ittersum
  2. Clinical research – J.A. Raymakers
  3. Organ donation and transplantation – F.J. van Ittersum and W.J. Eijk
  4. Somatic gene therapy – W.J. Eijk
  5. Psychiatry – F.L.E. de Wever and F. Hamburg
  6. Addiction – F.L.E. de Wever and F. Hamburg

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