Notes and acknowledgements

The author expresses his gratitude to Mr. Alan Ashfield for his contribution in reading and correcting the manuscript and offering useful suggestions. The views and insights that are presented in this booklet can be found in: Manual of Catholic Medical Ethics, edited by W.J. Cardinal Eijk, MD, PhD STL, L.J.M. Hendriks STD, and J.A. Raymakers, …

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2.1 Incipient human life

2.1.1 The essence and the purpose of marriage according to the teaching of the Catholic Church Marriage is a union for life and a communion between a man and a woman. Instituted by the Creator, and based on mutual love, its purpose is the propagation of mankind by the procreation of children who will find, …

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1.2 Principles

1.2.1 Main principles used in medical ethics These are: In situations of conflict one may refer to the following principles: 1.2.2 The thrapeutic principle or principle of totality The therapeutic principle, also called the principle of totality, means that any intervention or treatment of the human body or directed at psychical functioning of a person, …

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