Concise Roman Catholic Medical Ethics

edition 2014 by J.A. Raymakers, MD PhD

The author expresses his gratitude to Mr. Alan Ashfield for his contribution in reading and correcting the manuscript and offering useful suggestions.

The views and insights that are presented in this booklet can be found in:

Manual of Catholic Medical Ethics, edited by W.J. Cardinal Eijk, MD, PhD STL, L.J.M. Hendriks STD, and J.A. Raymakers, MD, PhD. Connor Court Publishing, Ballarat Vic, Australia 2014, 720 pp. ISBN 9781925138160.

Some important documents of the Roman Catholic Church:

H. John Paul II, pope. Encyclical Evangelium Vitae, on the Value and Inviolability of Human Life. Vatican City 1995. AAS 87 (1995) 401-522.

Congregation for the doctrine of the Faith, Instruction Dignitas personae, Vatican City 2008. AAS 100 (2008) 858-887; DeS 24 (2010).

Congregation for the doctrine of the Faith,Instruction on respect for human life in its origin and on the dignity of procreation – Donum vitae. Vatican City, 1987. AAS 80 (1988) 70-102; DeS 12 (1990).

H. Paulus VI, pope, Encyclical Humanae vitae, on the regulation of birth. Vatican City 1968. AAS 60 (1968) 481-503.

These texts can be found on in many languages.

Copyright: This booklet is published by the Katholieke Stichting Medische Ethiek (Dutch Foundation for Catholic Medical Ethics), Utrecht, the Netherlands (Est. 1993, ).